Thursday, March 21, 2013

AFRMA Guide for Breeding Marked Rats

This excerpt from the AFRMA page is a great reference
for breeding with regard to markings (husky not included)


“A general rule that USUALLY works well for marked rats”

The levels are as follows:
1. Self
2. English Irish
3. Irish/Berkshire
4. Hooded/Variegated/Bareback
5. Capped
6. Masked/odd head spots/BEW


Case A: Two rats with like markings [i.e. they are at the same level]
can produce the full range of markings in their own level, and one level above.

Case B: Rats at levels next to each other [e.g. Levels 1 & 2]
will produce the range of markings represented by those levels.

Case C: Rats at levels separated by one level [e.g. Levels 1 & 3]
will produce mostly the level between them,
but may produce small numbers of their own marking.

Case D: Rats separated by two levels or more [e.g. Levels 1 & 4+]
will produce the levels between them,
but will not produce their own level.


Hope this helps! =)
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