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Rattus is a single mom to a bunch of adorable pet rats, has always been in search for the perfect matte red lipstick (and a few purple ones), and has an appetite that's actually larger than her toothpick-slim body. Watch out when she cranks up the volume... her favorite earth-shattering opera music will disintegrate the whole neighborhood!

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According to studies, rats can live longer through controlled diet and exercise. Give them few amount of food at a time, periodically feeding them (like every 3 or 4 hours). Running and climbing are good exercises to burn out the fats and enhance their stamina & immune system. Rat diet consists mainly of carbohydrates such as grains. Protein, vegetable, and fats should be added sparingly to their diet, as it may cause health problems.

The most frequently asked question about pet rats:
Q: "Are they the same with the ones we see in the streets?"
A: Yes. They all belong to a family called Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus). Wild rats can be easily tamed when you rear them within the weaning period (6 weeks), as experience proves. I've found a few wild ones when they were pinkies, and they grew up to be very sweet and sociable. But they still differ from the domesticated ones in terms of physiology, behavior and temperament.

Rats show a great deal of love and affection to their human neighbors and can also be trained to do tricks as they are very intelligent. Many scientific literature dispel the myths that pet rats carry rabies and leptospirosis. Pet rats are loving creatures who have feelings like we do, and we better not forget that each creature in this world -- great or small -- deserves to be loved.

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