Friday, June 03, 2011

Pet rats: Bringer of joy

Did you know that rats have brought enormous joy to countless families since the 18th century? They make great pets, are very intelligent, and they sure know how to give love back to their owners!

Rats are capable of cuteness overload 

These social creatures are very attached to humans and are very generous with giving rat kisses. They love being tickled by their pet owners and sometimes they make cute postures to beg for food. They’re full of antics! Their charm is highly contagious!

Rats value cleanliness above all! 

Compared to other household pets, rats take their grooming seriously. They make great effort to keep clean at all times. Rats naturally have good toilet habits and can be litter-trained.

Rats are full of laughter! 

According to Dr. Panksepp, a neurologist, they posses the child-like characteristics of play and laughter and they can also sulk if they’re not happy!

“… it is likely to be heavily laced with slapstick… young rats have a marvelous sense of fun. We have already bred rats that exhibit playful chirping, and thereby hope to track down some of the genes for joy. Perhaps we will even stumble on new molecules to alleviate depression as well as some excessive-exuberance disorders.” 

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