Thursday, March 01, 2012

Amox+Doxy for Troubled Respiration

SRP: 3.00 Pesos per capsule (Amoxicillin); 2.00 Pesos per capsule (Doxycycline) 
Strength: 500 mg (Amoxicillin); 100 mg (Doxycycline) 
Available: The Generics Pharmacy 

Occasionally, some of my rats show bad breath and signs of respiratory problems such as: coughing, sneezing, wheezing or difficulty in breathing. According to online literature, amoxicillin (bactericidal) and doxycycline (bacteriostatic) is the most popular remedy.

My rats love choco-peanut candy treat (33.00 Pesos), so I add the medication into it. Guaranteed no leftovers.  Oral administration usually lasts 3 to 5 days (3 times daily). 

In other drugstores, a single capsule of amoxicillin costs three times as much (at least 6.00 Pesos). Doxycycline would cost about 40.00 Pesos (whoa!). I’ve been going for The Generics Pharmacy since it’s very affordable and is effective anyway. 

During treatment, it may be beneficial to supply the rats with Lactobacilli (e.g. YAKULT). 

CAUTION: May retard fetal skeletal development; not to be administered on very young rats or pregnant/lactating does! Effectiveness of the medication is reduced when taken together with multivitamins. Should not be administered longer than 14 days. 

For more info about contraindication, precaution, dosage and description: 

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