Friday, December 31, 2010

My Rattus Diary 2010


December 31, 2010: Happy New Year!
Friday. Tonight is the last night of the year. I used to love new years, but now I fear for their health. Thankfully, fireworks in our area did not begin until 11pm... and lasted until 1am. From late evening until early morning, they were all safe inside, from the noxious gasses.
Siegmund (left) and Reggie (right).
A cute photo to end the year!
December 18, 2010: Sieglinde's Christmas Babies
Sunday. Sieglinde had another small litter, this time of 5. I will keep one of the male berk (Pikachu), and a some friends will be adopting the others by February 2011. Click here for the photo album.

November 6, 2010.
Sieglinde is an okay mom. While she does show some motherly love, it's Grandma Senta who shows the most affection and dedication!
October 28, 2010.
Thursday. Just finished sexing. In the photo below are PEW (both female), hooded (male & female), and berk (male).

October 26, 2010.
Wednesday. The markings are more prominent. today. In the meantime, Sieglinde will try a new diet consisting of steamed barley and steamed sweet potato, on top of her regular diet. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and B!

October 24, 2010: Sieglinde's new litter!
Sunday. We were expecting her to deliver the day before, but she did it today around 2 pm. Please checkout her album here.
October 20, 2010.
Wednesday. Sieglinde's belly is swollen, and she is expecting a new litter in a few days. She has been moved into the hospital cage.

October 1, 2010: A double birthday!
Friday. Today is a special day. It is Fasolt's 2nd, and Choki's 1st birthday celebration. The exact date of their birth is not known, so I presumably chose the first day of this month.

Just two weeks ago, Fasolt suddenly lost all his body mass, due to old age. What he needs is more carbs. It was blood-curdling to see this happen for the first time in my rat parenting. But sources on the web say that it is a normal part of aging rats.

Rattus Choki, the superstar of my FB account will be celebrating HIS 1st. Coinciding with Fasolt's sudden decline, Choki has since then taken over the role of dominant male. All bow to him!

For the Rattus Lauriat, here is chocolate fudge bar, some plum berries, honey roasted peanuts, fish balls and rice crackers

Thanks to Miss Sonia Jones and all friend near and far for their greetings! Please click here for the photo album.

September 3, 2010: Sieglinde's first litter
Friday. She was moved into the hospital cage two nights ago. Today, she started labor from 11 am to four pups (the other two were stillborn). Click here for the album.

September 30, 2010: Goodbye my wild rat!
Thursday. Late in the evening, I decided she should go. Although she had become slightly affectionate towards me and friendly with the boys (the other girls hate her so she was housed with the boys). Farewell!    T_T

September 14, 2010: Rats playing in water... first attempt
Tuesday evening. This was my first attempt to introduce rats to water. They hate getting bathed, but once they got into the habit, to love to bathe themselves voluntarily. Some have even learned to dive underneath to look for food!

September 28, 2010: Routine feeding
Nothing special tonight, except that I couldn't help but try to document the rats' crazy feeding habit. And instantly came the music of Leona Anderson in my mind: Rats in My Room.

August 29, 2010: Rattus Choki's blog
Monday. Rattus was compelled to write for his rats, so he created this blog.

August 28, 2010: Wild rat #2 caught! 'Missy'
Sunday. Prior to catching her, she was already lurking and watching us for the past two weeks. She seems friendlier than other rat visitors though. I shouldn't say that I really caught her because she went inside the boys' cage on her own, probably to forage for food. All I did was close the cage door and that's it! She was irked with the boys getting to touchy... Please click here to see my wild rats' album.
Farewell my beautiful agouti rat!
August 5, 2010: Rattus Fasolt fun time
Thursday. It's just an ordinary day today for them. I figured maybe I could shine some spotlight on Fasolt, my very first rat. So I made a music video with Florence Foster Jenkin's irreplaceable rendition of the Queen of the Night's aria.

June 1, 2010: Mint's litter coincides with my birthdate!
Tuesday. Actually my real birthdate is five days later, but it's a celebration for many! I keep three of them: Reggie, Siegmund and Sieglinde.

March 3, 2010: RIP Mime :(
Wednesday. Where did I go wrong?! My favorite rat! But he was fine all this time! No wheezing, no unhealthy behavior, no signs at all. And he suddenly goes into crouch position, having difficulty breathing and faints dead an hour later. What could I have done?!

March 1, 2010: Happy 1st bday Mime my boy!
Monday. It's mid afternoon when I got home. I spent the weekend with some friends out of town.

January 23, 2010: Wild rat #1 caught! 'Moki'
Saturday. Just two weeks after Senta's litter, I found a male pup who also happened to be (presumably) two weeks old. Please click here to see my wild rats' album. My friend Sonia has a great FaceBook page dedicated to the appreciation of wild rats:   "WILD RATS ROCK!"
Moki, my handsome agouti RIP (January 2010 - July 2010)

January 13, 2010: Rattus Choki
Tuesday. I must presume that Choki was approximately three months old when I took him home. He is a beautiful black, which is quite uncommon here in Manila. A shy boy, he got his first taste of boot from Mime, who is my favorite of the bunch.
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