Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rattus Diary 2009: My adventure begins here!


December 28, 2008: My Rattus adventure begins here
Sunday. While our family went to the mall, we saw some rats in a shop. Most of them are albino, except for two back rats. I was a rat-phobic until this day, but seeing them drew alot of awe and curiosity in me. Life was somewhat meaningless to me. I was depressed, and what to do with my life! Suddenly, I felt the inspiration to live! Those rats were magically enchanted!!

December 29, 2008
Monday. My brother and I were discussing about dropping by the shop. We figured, January 2nd would be  the most prompt and best time to go. In the meantime, let's do some research about rats!

January 2, 2009: My first trio of rats!
Friday. As soon as we arrived at the shop, I asked the lady to get three of them ready for taking home. There was one albino female (Erda), a black hooded male (Fasolt), and a black hooded female (Fafner). I still have a lot to learn about rats...

February 17, 2009
Tuesday. Erda was lethargic, her belly is hard and swollen. This could be my first ever rat pregnancy. What to do!

June 15, 2009
Monday. Meet Froh and Donner, our new members of the Rattus Family. Froh and Donner are three month old (presumably) male hooded rats.

This if Froh

September 26, 2009: Typhoon Ondoy almost obliterated us!
Saturday. It was a strange day. It was already raining when I woke up in the morning. It just kept coming... I have never encountered rain pouring forth furiously from the heavens, nonstop, for at least 10 hours already. By the early afternoon, the street was already flooded up to knee level (our area of residence has not been known to flood!). Water began to flood into our home. We had to move everything fast and up to the second floor. The rats and turtles were the first thing I had to move up, if only you'd see the fear and squealing in them. By early evening, the flood water has already reached just a few inches from the second floor. It was the worst flood I've seen in Metro Manila since I was born, but thank heavens it stops there!

YouTube video courtesy of Al Jazeera English

September 27, 2009: Clean up after the typhoon
Sunday. No one was harmed thankfully, and damage to property was minimal. Our problem now was cleaning up. A lot of stuff had to be discarded... but if there's anything I cannot discard from this experience, it's THE EXPERIENCE ITSELF. I am forever traumatized and vigilant every time a storm comes up...

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